Ultra Adjustable and HUGE! Sony’s 10.1” Floating Screen Head Unit – XAV-AX8500

If you want to upgrade your outdated factory radio a large ”floating screen” style head unit is a solid choice! Sony’s new XAV-AX8500 has a ton of advanced features including Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but most notably it’s large 10.1″ screen can easily be adjusted for optimal position in a variety of installations. Let’s dive in with an unboxing and feature review on this aftermarket headunit solution!

🔊 Helpful Links –
✔️ Learn more about the XAV-AX8500 – https://electronics.sony.com/audio/car-marine-audio/all-car-marine-audio/p/xavax8500
✔️ Purchase & Find Install Parts with Crutchfield – https://www.crutchfield.com/i-rCAFcYTB/p_158XAV8500/Sony-XAV-AX8500.html
Thank you to Sony and Crutchfield for being sponsors of the channel.

Note – At 5:40 the three mentioned camera connections are for camera signal INPUTS into the head unit.

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