Can’t forget these subwoofer box details! T-Line Enclosure Build

Building a custom subwoofer enclosure takes a lot of steps, I finished the woodworking for this custom transmission line box in a previous video, now let’s mount the subwoofer, add a terminal , secure the beauty panel face and add these interesting spikes to the enclosure!

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Tools and Materials:
➜Subwoofer I’m using:
➜Roundover router bit:
➜Center Punch for marking holes:
➜ Wire Terminal (for less than 500 watts):
➜ High power wire terminal:
➜ Threaded Inserts:
➜ Neodymium Magnets:
➜ Paint marker:
➜ Forstner bit for magnets:
➜ CA Glue:
➜ Carpet Spikes:

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